:) My name is Kazia :)


So yes, I am a teenager. And seriouslyforrealsies I have no problem with the shows my generation watches. I’m even down for a little “Big Time Rush” every now and then (cool kids please don’t kill me thanks!).

But I’m like, guys. Can you all maybe broaden your horizons a bit? This doesn’t span just to television-Nay, to books, movies and magazines and such! Kids these days!

Sorry about the “Nay”. That was unnecessary. And my favorite magazines are ‘Cosmo’ and ‘Rolling Stone’ (sorry, mom, that subscription to ‘Psychology Today’ wasn’t exactly up my alley…except for that one issue on luck, that was lightweight interesting) so I’m not some sort of prized intellectual of my thumb generation. Not fully, anyway.

I guess I just like my TV the way I like my frozen bananas; sometimes with chocolate, sometimes with nuts and sometimes with sprinkles. Bring on the variety. And like bananas, I’ve liked the “tube” forever. Pre-Teletubbies, that’s how serious I’m talking. 

P.S. Does it make me stupid if I JUST realized why Teletubbies are called Telletubbies? Because they have tellies…on their tubbies. Doh!

Oh, those Brits…Not only that but the Teletubbies theme song was #1 on the UK singles chart in December of 1997. Must’ve been a slow week for singles…

But for real, though. That show was TRIPPY as HELL.

Not that I watch kid’s shows anymore (other than those “Magic School Bus” reruns that are on at like 4 a.m. randomly). Yep, I’ve BROADENED my HORIZONS. I take my own advice. But I LOVE diving into a new series, recommending shows I’ve become addicted to…

As long as I have time to finish that AP English essay. “Wuthering Heights” is not the business.